Harmonia LUXMED mental health clinic

Harmonia Mental Health Clinic is a network of LUX MED Group facilities that offers mental health services. The clinic specializes in comprehensive care of mental health as well as personal development. We work with the best specialists with extensive professional experience in this field. Our team provides the highest level of service and adapts to the needs of patients. Our newly opened facility is located in a prestigious skyscraper in the very center of the city, at the intersection of Swietokrzyska Street and Jana Pawła Avenue.

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Multimedia add-ons

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Google Street View

Included with our modern virtual tour, you will receive a google walkthrough that we will place for you in your google business card and Google Street View

3D view - 360 degrees

Or the so-called “doll’s house”. You can rotate the object at will, view it from above, from the side and every possible angle. It gives a much better spatial idea of the size of the interior and the arrangement of rooms in relation to each other.

A truly virtual tour

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Drone shots

In addition, you get drone shots from us as a gift with each tour created by us! This will perfectly complement the perception of your business by your customers.

Then what? Shall we arrange a tour?

Give us a call to discuss how a virtual tour will benefit your business. It costs nothing, and you’ll see if it’s worth it. You don’t have to wait until your competitors to make an appointment with us before you – remember, it’s better to be a trend setter than a trend follower. Plus our virtual tour technology, unlike other methods, makes the user feel as if they were with you. Therefore we are confident that our virtual tours open your business to the whole world.